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Can't play some movies and games

2015-11-15 13:49:25 by polhudo

Does anyone knows why I can't see or play some games and movies here on Newgrounds? This started quite a while ago, but I've always used Google Chrome.


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2015-11-15 15:06:02

On a smartphone or computer? A few weeks ago NG implemented a HTML5 player for some Flash movies that would otherwise have used the Swivel player... but that's only for movies.

polhudo responds:

I'm on computer and probably most of the games and movies I try to watch don't even start, just ng purpleish black background


2015-11-15 16:17:44
maybe try firefox?

polhudo responds:

I tried it on IE, everything working fine here, seems to be something related to google chrome but I don't know exactly what it is. I know chrome doesn't run Unity but some of the thing I was trying to watch wwere movies.

thanks! :D


2015-11-15 16:18:38

Does Chrome still support Flash? If so, maybe update it?

(Updated ) polhudo responds:

chrome still supports flash but doesn't support Unity, although I tested to see why they won't work. I tried Internet explorer and everything runs fine, seems like it is something related to chrome.

Thank you!


2015-11-15 16:37:59

might be unity